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An egyptian Painter, a recognized figure in twentieth century art in Egypt. Gamal kamel demonstrated uncanny artistic talent, his style changed as he experimented with different theories, techniques and ideas.

Kamel’s creativity manifested itself in numerous mediums, including pastels, aquarelle,gouache and oil. Throughout his artistic journey, he lent himself to all forms of beauty, be it portraits, countryside landscapes, still-life or folkloric scenes, his early period, was his pioneering for book cover designs, paving the path to be Egypt’s renowned painter on the cover of the most coveted weekly magazine Sabah El Kheir. Thus painting of the week was synonyms with his name.


Gamal Kamel demonstrated his worldly knowledge of the different artistic movements at the time, the craze for Cubism lead by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, he produced a number of paintings in that style. Kamel’s career at the distinguished “ Rosa Al Youssef” journalistic organization, extended over 30 years, created a “Niche” that no one else could fill but Gamal Kamel. His style of paintings, representation of the Egyptian socioeconomic over that period has revolutionized journalistic drawing.

Kamel’s works of art have set him apart from his Egyptian contemporaries, his subject matters conveyed through his paintbrush, distinguished him through “ painting of the week”.


Kamel’s works have won himself several critic prizes and recognition in Egypt and beyond. His legacy is well documented in the minds and hearts of not only the intellectuals and art lovers elite but also found its way to the man in the street.


Kamel’s admirers and collectors of his works, extend all the way from North America, Europe to the middle East.

Gamal Kamel 1926 -1986

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